From Timid to Warrior: Boosting Self-Esteem

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Low self-esteem can be described as lacking self-confidence, and self-worth, in one’s abilities. So, how to transcend it, not let it hold us back?

My definition of a warrior is someone who acts in spite of fear. Fear is normal – even healthy when an action for survival is required. Too often, though, we live our lives in self-limiting ways, our potential undermined by various factors, causing us to see situations through the half-empty, rather than the half-full glass – dwelling on the negative, disregarding our achievements; thinking others are better than us; poor self-image; that we don’t deserve to enjoy; self-criticism; fear of making mistakes, avoid taking risks, fear of failure, or success, feelings of incompetence.

Many factors can cause or lead to low self-esteem: parental abuse, that is emotional, sexual, physical, neglect, parental or authority figure disapproval, (‘you’ll never amount to anything!’); bullying’ academic difficulties; social shaming, poor performance, poor body self-image; perception of not belonging; war; chronic stress.

To boost self-esteem, we can find support by joining groups; celebrating achievements, especially under adversity; being around those who make us feel good, versus those who don’t treat us well; good health practices; doing things we enjoy, start something new; treatment alternatives, including LENS neurofeedback, which, by helping to balance and regulate the nervous system, together with supportive counseling, goal-setting, healing techniques, can get us in touch with buried, suppressed aspirations, foster self-growth, self-assurance, energy and impetus for new life directions.

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