15 Trader Joe’s Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

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We all love Trader Joe’s for the selection unique selection of food, the rush of getting our hands on the hottest seasonal finds, and the store’s overwhelmingly positive vibe (seriously, I feel like I’m besties with the employees every time I go).

But have you ever done your holiday shopping at Trader Joe’s? A grocery store might not be the first place that comes to mind when you map out your shopping list for gifts… but I think we can say TJ’s is more than just a grocery store.

There’s something for everyone there, whether you’re looking for food or non-food gifts. Gifts for the TJ’s enthusiast in your life (it’s me, HI), or for someone who has yet to discover the TJ’s magic. Plus when it comes to price and quality, they’re nailing it.

So gather your gifting list and use this guide to knock out some of your holiday shopping (and grab yourself some Candy Cane Joe Joe’s while you’re at it).

Here are my top 15 Trader Joe’s gift ideas


Beauty Advent Calendar

This is like 12 gifts in one! It’s so fun to open each day and see what’s inside. I won’t ruin the surprise, but I will say the items in this year’s calendar are sure to give whoever you gift a spa-like experience.

RUN, because these always go quickly.


Olive Wood Cutting Board

These are beautiful! I’ve had mine for a few years and not only does it make my kitchen counter look like maybe I have my life together, but it’s held up really well! Just rinse and coat with a thin layer of olive oil to keep it looking like new.


Olive Wood Bowls

Let’s just say anything olive wood is a winning gift. These bowls are great for holding little odds and ends (or candy), or just looking pretty by themselves on a shelf. The TJ’s employee told me her friend planned to serve acaí bowls in hers, and now I want to do that too.


Portuguese Flor De Sal

For anyone who loves to cook. This would make an amazing housewarming gift, too.

Flor De Sal is high-quality flaky sea salt. What do you do with it? I love to sprinkle it on fresh baked goods (trust me, it ups your chocolate chip cookie game).


Felted Wool Trivet

The felted wool items are a Trader Joe’s holiday staple. People go crazy for them, so you know they would make great gifts! There is a colorful trivet option like the one pictured, or a red, green, and white Christmas-themed option. If you’re lucky, you can grab a felted wool garland or wreath for yourself, too


The Cutest Reusable Bag

So this is a micro version of the iconic TJ’s shopping bag. And inside…is a reusable shopping bag! This would make the cutest stocking stuffer for a Trader Joe’s lover, or really just anyone in general. My store is OUT so gift me one, pls?


Brazil Nut Body Glow Set

IYKYK. Some say this is a great dupe for the coveted (and expensive) Brazilian Bum Bum Cream. The obsession with this dupe started with the body butter (which I have tried and love), but this gift set also includes a scrub, mist, and body wash.


Trader Joe’s Cookbook

Okay so this Trader Joe’s gift idea isn’t actually available at the TJ’s store. However, it’s a great idea for the Trader Joe’s lover in your life! Written by Kelsey Lynch (you may know her as @traderjoesfoodreviews), this book is full of recipes using all of the most-loved TJ’s products.


Hand Cream

Hand cream, especially a good one, is a foolproof holiday gift. Despite being only $4.99, this one looks and feels more high-end. It’s loaded with things to make skin super soft, like coconut oil, hemp oil, shea butter, essential fatty acids, and antioxidants.



This isn’t just one of the best Trader Joe’s gift ideas for the holidays. It works for  any occasion – housewarming, mother’s day, birthdays, a casual “thinking of you.”


Truffle Hot Sauce

Two things I know to be true:

1. Every foodie loves a new hot sauce

2. Truffle makes everything better


Pound Plus Bar

We all have a friend who would rejoice to open a chocolate bar that weighs in at over a pound There are a few different Pound Plus Bars, but you must get this one! It’s made with milk chocolate, with caramel, pretzel bits, and sea salt and yes…it’s amazing.


Fan-Favorite Seasonings

We all love the selection of unique seasonings at TJ’s. I haven’t seen the holiday boxes of spices in-store (yet!), so keep an eye out! If you don’t spot them, you can easily curate a very cute gift set with a few of your faves (plus maybe an olive wood cutting board?)


Candle Trio

A great stocking stuffer or gift to keep on hand for teachers, a coworker, or basically anyone. These candles always burn well and smell fabulous.



One of the best Trader Joe’s gift ideas, IMO. TJ’s is known for their wine selection (and the prices). Not sure what to get? Here are few fan favorites:

Bread & Butter Chardonnay
Monique Sauvignon Blanc
Corvelia Zinfandel
Honey Moon Viognier

Are any of these Trader Joe’s gift ideas on YOUR list?

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